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Sonar Systems

Konsberg M3 Multi-beam Sonar

The Konsberg M3 sonar is a 2D multibeam system with imaging and profiling capabilities.  This system provides high resolution, easy to interpret images and is ideal for marine engineering applications, shallow water Bathymetric surveying, site inspection, environmental monitoring, site clearance, and defense and security.

  • Capable of detection of small objects out to 150m
  • 120° to 140° field of view
  • Multiple modes for various applications

M3 Spec Sheet


WASSP Multi-beam Sonar

The WASSP multi-beam sonar is a survey grade multi-beam.  It is the ideal shallow water tool for;

  • Seafloor mapping of wharves, harbours, waterways, foundations and shipping channels.
  • Full seafloor search to detect obstructions, sub-sea equipment, scour and other features.
  • Project condition and coastal engineering surveys.
  • Dredging mearsurement and payment surveys.
  • Water column analysis.